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Well, FWIW, I just did a 2.5hr interview shoot with Anthony this morning for the "Amiga years" sequel and he was very amiable and asked some pretty good (well researched) questions. Anthony dialed in via Skype video chat (sensibly saving a lot of money) and hired a local freelance cameraman (I'm in San Francisco) who came round on time with a bunch of quality camera+sound gear and did a great job; clapperboard, radio mic, took care to get all the lighting right; the works. It worked out great; everyone seemed to know exactly what they were doing; friendly, professional and well prepared.

I can't vouch for the entertainment value of my segment (or how much of it will survive the edit) but I can't imagine anyone doing such an interview any better than they did. It sounds like they've gathered a decent list of interesting people.

Next time I should probably wear clothes though.
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