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It's not a PAL/NTSC issue. It's running down around the 40's - it's not a CPU issue either, CPU use is at most 8% (non-gaming).

I'm running in a window, so refresh isn't an issue.

It's just not running full throttle. The old version shows 60fps and stays there - never moves, because it's got much more horsepower than needed. The newer one is hit or miss in the 40's or low 50's, NTSC...

I have found that if I turn on the JIT, I can get 60 fps pretty consistently. But that means I can't run in 68000 compatable mode at 60 fps, which I should most certainly be able to do.

Something isn't right, the older version runs 60fps balls out all day, all night, the newer one can't crack 52...


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