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Originally Posted by BaldMonk View Post
I hated UAE4ALL2 at first... The menu was a monster when I first tried it, and while it still leaves a lot to be desired, it's much easier to use now (well, navigating your folders is awful still).
But under the hood, that thing is a BEAST! And the fact you can save a config for each game is outstanding!

No matter what I do, ICFTD still runs a little fast... Always cutting off "meek will inherit the earth"
Any one getting that complete sentence? What settings you on?
Indeed - I still don't like browsing my files with it.

The Amiga Emulator that had the best UI ever on Android was/is Omega500. Outstanding UI and some of the best touch commands I've ever used on Android.

Yeah, I remember that issue about the speed as well... I think I had some problems when shooting at ants in the arcade scenes as well, because of the speed!
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