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It took me aaaaaaaaaages to figure out what was up with the joystick support on DosBox Turbo.... Turns out having your cycles up too high (or even auto) messes with it for some reason... So try it out kinda low and see how you go... I think it was either 1000, or 10,000 that was the sweet spot.

I hated UAE4ALL2 at first... The menu was a monster when I first tried it, and while it still leaves a lot to be desired, it's much easier to use now (well, navigating your folders is awful still).
But under the hood, that thing is a BEAST! And the fact you can save a config for each game is outstanding!

No matter what I do, ICFTD still runs a little fast... Always cutting off "meek will inherit the earth"
Any one getting that complete sentence? What settings you on?
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