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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I've tried for ages on UAE4Droid - it just won't work. I had some luck with AnUAE4All which has a slowdown setting, but you have to pay for it and it updated last time in 2013, so I suspect it might even have issues with 4.0+ by now.

I recommend you to try UAE4All2, it has got a much better compatibility level than UAE4Droid and it's much more configurable as well. Never tried It Came from the Desert on it, though.

The DOS version of ICFTD runs pretty nicely on aFreebox (the free version of DOSBox Turbo) on my Nexus 5, just tested it.
UAE4ALL2 is great, sometimes you get some wierd stuttering, but that is down to CPU speed, simply changing to 14MHz and your good, .
Have my current A1200 OS3.9 setup running on it.
EDIT:- Just checked ICFTD and it runs very decent on my Phone, infact a little to good, had to enable VSYNC to slow it down abit.

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