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Minimum Utilities to get up and running

I have ordered a new hard drive for my Amiga as I wanted a little more space so I will be installing everything from scratch and hopefully doing it all properly! I have an A1200 with CDROM and the HD plus a 4MB/68881 expansion card. I am going to prepare a CD with all of the minimum utilities I will need to get up and running with the main aim to run games from adf files.

I have idefix97 on a floppy and original WB3.0 disks to get WB on the hard drive and the cdrom readable.

Can anyone recommend anything that I might need to make things easier. Or have I missed something that is vital to get up and running.

This is my list so far:
SFS.lha v1.277
Installer.lha v43.3
Dopus5_91_os.lha v5.91
xpk_User.ha v5.2a
IDEfix97.lha v3.5
xfdmaster.lha v.138
noclick20_usr.lha v2.0
skick346.lha v3.46

Also, this will be my first time using SFS and a disk bigger than 4GB (It is a 40GB drive). Would I be correct in thinking that as long as I make my first partition under 4GB and at the start of the drive, the rest can be anything I like? And, can I convert my WB drive to SFS once WB is installed?
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