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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Also I must second the DM recommendation, it is the richest of the dungeon crawlers, although EOB and BlackCrypt (which I like too) are more beautiful they are much less well designed both UI wise and quest wise.
Can't speak for Black Crypt, but as far as EOB goes, it's indeed not as good as DM (not even remotely close).
Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
In some point CSB might be easier, as you start with a stronger party.
I started with reincarnated Chani and Syra. Not such an easy start then. When playing a normal CSB party it may still be a little hard for DM newbies.
Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
even if the boss isn't exactly as weak as Thorham said
The boss is very easy to defeat (even with a single character) when you know how.
Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Water is not a problem unless forgetting to refill supplies. Food is not a problem at the beginning or after finding regenerating monsters but it may require going back for more if having trouble with puzzles.
While all that is true, some people just don't like food systems in dungeon crawlers. People complain about these things even in relation to the Grimrock games.
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