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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Why? Pick it back up because it's one of the best.
Yup, it is the first big one and still the best (on the Amiga) IMO.

Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
- Dungeon Master (gave up at some point) - Oh No WHY? DM Is the Grandfather of all RPG's This is a must to play
Originally Posted by Overdoc View Post
@Dungeon Master:
I can't remember why I gave up, I think it became somehow tedious because we had to go back to level 3 from level 7 or something ? Also, what we didn't like was those complicated runes to build a spell. That way we always had to prepare tons of things in advance before a fight.
The runes are supremely easy to learn if you read the manual (or online guides) and it takes only about 10-20 minutes to memorize their meaning.
They forms a very coherent (overall) system and you can actually find spells yourself if you take the time to analyze how it works.
That is actually one of the strengths of DM to have a sensible magical language which you can master on your own independently of the quest.
If you spend 10-20 minutes learning and writing down the runes you will not have to remember the spells because you wil be able to formulate them almost as sentences. It is really empowering when you pass that stage and you will enjoy the game much more afterward.

Also I must second the DM recommendation, it is the richest of the dungeon crawlers, although EOB and BlackCrypt (which I like too) are more beautiful they are much less well designed both UI wise and quest wise.

I should add that you should only play it at night with headphones and no lights.
Scared the kangaroo out of me several times.
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