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Ok, thanks, looks good, but is battle also in 3D ? I thought battles are in some strange 2D view in this game ?
It does not have to be dungeon crawling only, and I even also like a surface world, even if it is in top view, but ithe game should not be mainly in top view. Let's say 70% of the playtime, including battles, should be in 3D view.
Would that be the case for Dragonflight ?

Crystals of Arborea I actually finished But for some reason, the end of game fight never worked. I tried it 2 times (but from the same save-game), and there was no fight, instead I just wandered through him into the last tower....?!?

@Dungeon Master:
I can't remember why I gave up, I think it became somehow tedious because we had to go back to level 3 from level 7 or something ? Also, what we didn't like was those complicated runes to build a spell. That way we always had to prepare tons of things in advance before a fight.
But, I might try Dungeon Master II Legend of Skullkeep, if it does not need DM 1 to have finished before to understand the plot of the game or something ?
Do you think DM II is easier than DM I for someone who has not played any of them before ?
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