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Originally Posted by Decker View Post
The video is incredible!

It's like the script and imagery accidentally reveal their only motivation. Dollar images everywhere. At the part where they talk about finishing the emulator, the guy is constructing a $ statue. They borrow a ton of copyrighted images and box scans, the narrator is completely out of place, her tone is messed up and she's talking about the 20B$ market they would like to be a part of.

Is that an incentive?

Conclusion: This has to be a joke. Or it's an exceptionally blatant scam attempt. 100K$ for repackaging an emulator and games.
My thoughts exactly. I was both aghast and on the verge of bursting into uncontrolled laughter while watching the video.

These people are so greedy they do not even realize they are exposing their greed for all to see: "make us rich, please, please". This is beyond pitiful.

It is a shame of interstellar proportion that these idiots got their hands on the Amiga rights.
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