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- Dungeon Master (gave up at some point) - Oh No WHY? DM Is the Grandfather of all RPG's This is a must to play

- Chaos Strikes Back (even more difficult, I think...?) - Can be tricky but worth playing if you have finished Dungeon Master. Don't forget the Oracle is your friend

- Dungeon Master II Legend of Skullkeep (hmm, anyone played it ? Possible to finish ?) - Very easy to finish. Didn't get stuck anywhere.

- Knightmare (everyone writes he never finished it) - Tricky game you might need Mr Google to finish this one. Very clever game

- Black Crypt (gave up at some point) - I replayed this with maps & walkthrough many many years after it was released and finished it. You may want to do the same. I thought even with the help of walkthrough and maps it was hard, and could only think there is no way to finish this game without help. Certain buttons do things on the other side of levels to which you have no idea about.
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