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Which Amiga dungeon crawler RPG should I play ?

Hi guys,

I have been thinking about playing a classic dungeon crawler RPG together with a friend, like I did back in the nineties. (one played, one drew the maps)

Back then, I played these:

- Abandoned Places (finished)
- Eye of the Beholder I & II (both finished)
- Dungeon Master (gave up at some point)
- Black Crypt (gave up at some point)

Now, which dungeon crawler RPG would you suggest ?
It is important that it should be similar to the above, and it must be completable!

I have been thinking about these, but none of them seems to be a good option:

- Dungeons of Avalon ? (I read that end of game boss is impossible to kill)
- Dungeons of Avalon II (perhaps the same problem like in the first one ?)
- Crystal Dragon (I heard it is extremely difficult ?)
- Knightmare (everyone writes he never finished it)
- Abandones Places II (I also heard it is very hard ? Is this true ?! Anyone finished it ?)
- Chaos Strikes Back (even more difficult, I think...?)
- Dungeon Master II Legend of Skullkeep (hmm, anyone played it ? Possible to finish ?)
- Ishar (I heard it gets very hard near the end and saving costs gold...
- Ishar II and III (don't want to play them without having played I)
- Fate - Gates of Dawn (I know a guy who played it for years!!!, and still didn't finish it )
- Hired Guns (I don't like the screen split into 4 parts)
- Might and Magic III (maybe an option ? Have not played I & II, though)
- Realms of Arkania - Blades of Destiny (too complex)
- Spirit of Adventure (maybe an option ?)
- Wizardry - Bane of Cosmic Forge (haven't heard much about it. an option ?)
- Galdregons Domain, Bloodwych and Lords of Doom I would first like to play on C64, not on Amiga
- Amberstar and Ambermoon (these 2 I want to play later with a different friend)

Please correct me where I am wrong in my assumptions ?
Which one would you play ?
Or is there other ones I should try (Amiga only, and must be pseudo 3D dungeon crawler)

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