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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I was watching a review on Youtube for the Epyx 500XJ, which I always wanted but now decided not to get because it ALSO clicks loudly
In that case, you obviously don't have your Amiga volume turned up loud enough... No floppy sounds, no clicks...

If the Amiga sound isn't enough, that's where the stereo comes in....
A little Tom Sawyer - Rush, volume to 11... and no more problems.. ;-)
(Or I suppose headphones if you want to save your ears for some reason.. )

I have the Slick Stick, and use it as my primary..
Works great, but I'm not a great gamer.. ;-)

Only things I "wished" it had are 2 fire separate buttons and autofire...
I suppose I could do an external autofire circuit..
Not sure I could add a 2nd fire button tho... Although... ;-)

I know there are genesis pads/sticks that have autofire (and some with variable autofire for multiple buttons), but I assume that part won't work as there's no voltage to the circuit with the Amiga pinout.
I suppose I could swap the wires to give it voltage and remove the button 3 path back (not sure what it might do otherwise???)...
Again, that might be nicer with an adapter. My fine soldering skills aren't that great.. :-)
Judging by a quick internet search, I found this:
The signalling is close enough to the Atari standard that it works if the host outputs the No Connect-pins 5 and 7 high. The Sega controller expects +5V on pin 5, and setting pin 7 high sets the multiplexer in a mode that makes the D-pad work as expected and the A-button work as Fire
So maybe just having Amiga pin 7 to the Gen pad pin 5 to power it, but still leave pin 7 NC??
Enough to power autofires?
The Genesis Arcade Power stick looks decent (no variable autofire..).

A better (above me) approach might be a PIC based adapter to allow the Amiga to use Gen sticks, perhaps even in CD32 mode.. I believe people have made similar adapters for PSX pads, but I am not a fan of those...


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