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Originally Posted by Bastich View Post
The main fault was broken cables but due to having a lot of other more fatality damaged joysticks I have got quite a few spare parts Cheap and may ones like the Cheetah 125 and similar all had direction problems mainly caused from snapped internal plastic parts and were un fixable.

Transparent plastic joysticks of the time have not lasted well as the plastic on 90% of them had gone bristle and broken. Of 4 transparent Comp Pro 5ks only 1 red one was unaffected. The more recent blue and silver ones (spring instead of rubber for the return) have all survived. Not a single joystick in black plastic had this problem.

Micro switch wise I ether replaced them or cleaned them with IP. The open micro switches used in Quickshot Turbos and Bugs etc just needed a very slight filling / sanding to make work perfectly again
Interesting. I've been toying with the idea of taking on this kind of fix-it challenge for a while now. What tends to happen though is I come across batches of 'casualties of war', get overwhelmed and pass them on instead. It must be really satisfying to raise the dead like that.

My experience with translucent joysticks has been the same - unscrew them and they disintegrate revealing a collection of dislodged bits of broken plastic.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I was watching a review on Youtube for teh Epyx 500XJ, which I always wanted but now decided not to get because it ALSO clicks loudly, and the guy was talking about "the satisfying clicking", I can't really believe people don't mind, nay, LIKE such loud noises to be produced at your every move!!
I've just watched the same clip. What's the emergency number you dial to reach a psychiatrist?
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