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Toni Wilen
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Beta 14:

- 64-bit JIT fixes. JIT FPU also fixed. (Frode)
- RDB parser dumps block contents to the log if parsing fails.
- SCSI tape request sense tape position bits (end/beginning) was not reported correctly (b7)
- UAE devices (uaeserial, uaescsi and so on) are now supported under KS 1.2.
- Directory harddrives and uaehf.device is now KS 1.2 automount/boot capable.

KS 1.2 boot notes:
- Logic reverse engineered from Multi Evolution SCSI driver.
- First drive in Harddrives panel is boot drive, even if it has lower boot priority than other drives.
- If boot priority = -128 (no autoboot): don't enable fake DF0: boot disk hack.
- Ugly hack. Temporarily patches DoIO() to inject fake df0: boot block and PutMsg() to get control after dos has been initialized.
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