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Why we must keep the dream alive

The Amiga is a system, so long as people believe in, use, continue upgrading that system and buying software Amiga will continue to grow. Even I feared that is was over and the Amiga was finally dead in 1998 when a German lawyer made it illegal for Amiga 4000T's to be manufactured. The 4000T is my favorite Amiga model and it was selling well, then it became a legal
crime for it to be even made [insert conspiracy theory here]. Gateway had their head covenantly in the sand and did nothing about it at the time(Gatesway?). But the Amiga prove that it is much more than just custom computer chips and NTSC timing. Products like UAE/WinUAE and
Amithlon came out and allowed you to run the Amiga OS on cheap PC hardware, Macs and even Unix machines. I have a version of UAE running on my SGI O2 and my Sharp Zaurus PDA, amazing. I don't subscribe to the model that one monopoly OS fits all. I know a developer named Aaron, he made an Amiga product called Fast Fuel. I respect him because he sticks so highly to his ideals he won't even use Windows at all. I don't have that luxury but I do still continue to develop Amiga versions of my software as well as the Video Toaster [2] Windows versions. I do pray for the day that I can put my copy of Windows XP out with the Thursday morning garbage though. I refuse to became a slave to Microsoft's twisted view of what a computer is, (planned
obsolescence, milking customers for as much money as possible, regular slaughtering of other software developers and companies). This is not what anyone wants the future of computers to be.

Amiga users come and users go, developers come and developers go but the Amiga continues regardless. I am sure if even one day I abandon all my Amiga development 3 or 4 younger, stronger and more talent developers will take my place. The Amiga is much more than you, me or countless other souls. Now that the Amiga OS is running everywhere and ubiquitous development can be done on almost any computer. I truly believe the dark times are behind us, Amiga Ones are shipping, MorphOS is shipping if your looking for an Amiga clone. UAE
runs the Amiga OS very fast on Mac/PC/Unix hardware, Amiga Anywhere is maturing and is available in CompUSA now, in the next year it will be integrated into the Amiga OS. Developers disappear but new ones take their place. We no longer have Migraph OCR but we have the much better fxScan.\

Dpaint is no more but we have Photogenics 5, fxPaint 2.0, ImageFX 4.5
and much more.\

Asimware is no more but we have the awesome BurnIt Pro which even
burns DVDs.

By by Scala, at least on the Amiga but we have the excellent
MediaPoint RTG and Hollywood.
Hollywood even loads and plays back Scala scripts in 24 bit, something
the Amiga version of Scala does not do.

These are only a few examples, there are many more. The only missing link right now is the Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer sourcecode. Many Amiga owners are just now buying a used Amiga Toaster system for the first time. They could not afford the Toaster and Flyer when it was introduced but now the price point is much better. Many of them are also programmers and would do great justice to this legendary products code. Dan can go ahead and say its impossible to upgrade the Toasters sourecode but Amiga programmers have done impossible feats before and they will do it again. I remember when I first told a PC store owner about the Video Toaster in 1991. He did not believe me, he told me something like the Video Toaster would be mathmaticley impossible on personal computers like the Amiga, PC or Mac.

Even if you have never even seen an Amiga it has profoundly changed the computer industry, raised the bar so to speak. Look at the computers around you. They are all trying to be just like the Amiga. What was the big deal with the Amiga in 1985? Accelerated graphics chipsets, Multitasking, more colors, better sound, NTSC timing, command line with full color GUI, genlocking, video editing, 3D animation etc. What are the big buzzwords in computers today in 2003? Accelerated graphics chipsets, Multitasking, more colors, better sound, NTSC timing, command line with full color GUI, genlocking, video editing, 3D animation. Whatever you believe, be it Amiga ALIVE or DEAD I think anyone with common sense can see that the Amiga will continue regardless. Commodore died in 1994, it is now 2003. We must do our part to keep the Amiga Alive so that one day the computer industry can be a fair and ethical place. Without Amiga the computer industry has no soul. If you need a software solution try to find an Amiga solution first and buy that instead of a Windows soultion. If you value the joy the Amiga gave you when you first used it and want better times in the future buy Amiga Forever and any other package that you use and enjoy daily. Please keep the dream alive. Thank you for your time.
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