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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post

- 2G of Amiga address space available (vs ~1G to ~1.5G in 32-bit version under 64-bit OS). Because JIT still requires Amiga address space inside first 4G of host process address space and Windows allocates few pages in the middle of first 4G, 2G is the current max. Technically this is not a problem because AmigaOS is not really designed to support RAM at 2G-4G of address space, programs may use signed pointers and some exec functions use address bit 31 for error state. (In theory 3G may be possible later if it is really needed)
- Use "UAE" RAM allocation mode (not "Real") if you want max available Z3 RAM (up to 1.5G. Z3 RAM + RTG VRAM + 256M must be less than or equal to 2G. Anything more = crash.
- 64-bit JIT FPU is not fully functional yet. Do not enable.
Does this for OS 3.9?
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