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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I thought topic was about dxwebsetup not installing even when full dx9 is _not_ installed yet. It is normal that it does nothing if all required files have been already installed.

This is easy to confirm: check if windows\system32\D3DX9_43.dll exists.

btw, DX9 is not updated when DX10+ is also supported. DX9 files are still the same. DX10+ is separate installation and new files. It explains why old dx9 installers still work normally.
You asked me for "proof" about dxsetup.exe, I took the screen shots when I had time to get back here... I should have done that straight away, but I got distracted...

I just wanted you guys to see that I wasn't fibbing about the message... My original point was that the only way to *force* install DX9.0c is by running dxsetup.exe, whether or not DX9.0c has been installed--that's irrelevant. dxsetup will always install the 9.0c runtime--but dxwebsetup will not always install it--it's conditional. That was my original point.

Installing 9.0c is just something I do in order to support old/very old games. Theoretically I know it isn't necessary, but every so often a game will seek an old dx file by name that newer versions of DX no longer use, etc.
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