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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I just gave my Powerplay Cruiser a try, after seeing in a review that you can change the tension at which you operate the stick. I had no idea and I think it's brilliant!
Also the thing clicks but NOT AS MUCH as others. Seriously, audible clicks are a HUGE annoyance and I can't stand 3 out of the 4 sticks I have because they all click I can't play like that! How can you people choose to use controllers that click on every moment? It's nerve-wrecking!

So I would say the Cruiser is a pretty darn good joystick. The main problem it has is its very short cable. But love the mild clickiness of it, and the adjustable handle tension setting. Wish I had given it a try before, I had that joystick for ages and never really used it.
We're joystick brothers! I loved my pastel Cruiser. Not many joysticks of the time looked good, were comfortable to use, and functioned well so this one always stood out for me. Little known fact time: Comp Pros were actually designed for gorillas. This explains why it takes an entire tug of war team to budge the stick 1mm.

I can't fathom how people put up with all that clicking either. It would drive me crazy. No modern control device subjects you to an ear-battering like that and there's a good reason for this!
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