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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Because there is no Sega Saturn market maybe? Why not make it for PC then, it's the ultimate 2D machine.
Theres millions of ppl playing on PC every day and a lot of it is indie retro 2d stuff.. but 100s millions of playstations sold tell me that there are ppl who prefer it over a PC.
Saturns are easy enough to acquire and there are plenty around being used to this day. Personally I love my Saturn(s) it has a good library of games and it would be perfectly adequate for new 2d games..

But regarding the idea of designing a new console that is limited to 90s tech.
Why not just use the cheapest raspberry pie? It will be plenty powerfull for any 2d stuff you can imagine yet its still limited enough to pose a challenge and have fairly specific limitations. ;-)
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