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I would go for a very cheap console, with tilebased and bitmapped videomodes, lots of sprites and layers, an ARM cpu. The controller would be in the style of the PS1 or SNES-controller. Some sort of 3D could be supported but I would actually want it to be quite bad at 3D

Soundchip should be something like a beefed up SID, perhaps with a few PCM-channels for sfx, but I wouldn't want to make it easy to just stream music, it should be chip-music!

Storage would be a few GB flash onboard with the possability to extend it with SD-cards or USB-drives.

It would have ethernet (and perhaps wifi) and an "appstore" with the possibility to add 3rd party repositories. Everyone should be able to make games for it but there would be some sort of quality-checking for what gets into the main repository.

And hopefully, it wouldn't be much more expensive than a Raspberry Pi.
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