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I’d love to release a “current console” generation couch co-op/Lan edition.

Basically a beefed up hub/lan version that can push 4p (or more) local on multiple display configurations at the same time. 2p split on the 50” plasma and the third on a computer monitor in the same game.

Like my own portable lan. Just bring it to the computer lab, instant Cs tournament. Bring it home, Bedroom vs livingroom etc. As an added bonus, no online asshats going on about raping my team etc cos everyone is much more polite when you can punch them in the face.

It can be done with todays hardware, steam streamer and 2d game with mods. 3d games are harder to scale, but still, a lot of them would work fine. Sports game for example. Sensible soccer 10p anyone? I'm not much for MMORPGs.. but I guess mordern hardware could push 5 local instances of World of warcraft, instant afternoon raiding simple to coordinate.

Also the hardware design could be made multiplayer scalable by "stacking" consoles. Like how the naomi arcade boards would render 3 screens using two slave boards and one mainboard.

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