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As I read through this, I became more convinced, but there are some niggling things that make me think it's a hoax.

Firstly, the expansion slots.

"One 486 pc card compatible slot" - what on Earth is this supposed to be? Is it a slot for a 486 CPU? Does the motherboard contain a PC motherboard too? No, we later learn that this is a slot for an Emplant card. So why not advertise it as a Zorro-II slot, then?

"One 'CPU Slot'" - an A4000-style CPU slot on an A1200-style motherboard?

"Four IBM PC/AT slots" - ISA slots? Why would anyone want one ISA slot, let alone four? Is there a single 2000 owner who ever used one of their ISA slots? Are these supposed to support the aforementioned "486 pc card slot"? More Zorro slots, please.

CD-ROM port, mentioned in the same sentence as the serial and parallel port? Is it an external port? I'm pretty sure it couldn't have been an SATA interface... Why no mention of the standard used (SCSI or IDE)? Why no mention of the hard drive interface?

"AGA Chipset...including 800x600 @ 80Hz" - you what? AGA running a double-PAL screenmode at 80Hz? You're lucky to get that on a CV64.

Commodore guarded their IP as rabidly as Apple. They famously refused to allow DEC to use Workbench as the OS for the Alpha workstation; they very rarely allowed third-parties to make Amiga clones, and when they did they were invariably for multimedia business applications (information points, photo booths, etc). Would they really have allowed another company to manufacture a clone and sell it as an Amiga?

As for the full-page advert itself, doesn't that 2200 look just like an old Apple Mac, with an A4000 keyboard and mouse plonked by the side of it?

The photo looks out of place. The advert is a black and white page with only one other graphic on it. It is stuffed full of tiny text: it seems that the designer doesn't want to waste space. However, the photo itself is surrounded by white space. And a photo? On such a cheaply-produced page? Such a bad photo, too. Couldn't the photographer get the camera lined up properly?

The text underneath the photo: that isn't how you spell "inquiries".

The box in the middle of the top of the page: the box around "NEW!" is too large. Compare it with the same box around "Call!" in the 1200 box. This fits the text; the "NEW!" box doesn't.

Personally, I think this is a hoax. The technical details in general seem to be correct, but the layout of the page gives it away. It looks like someone has scanned an advert, removed the middle section, added a photo of an Apple Mac and some text. The top-middle box advertising the 2200 probably replaces an advert for the 600, which would still have been available at that point.
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