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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
And nobody claimed freeing old software would be some kind of "silver bullet", so stating it isn't is kind of superfluous.
Maybe not in this recent thread, but there are plenty of vocal people out there who believe open source is the solution to all the problems. Those that believe that open sourcing AmigaOS will magically make it available on x86 and will let it become a serious contender in the Windows and Linux arena for example. Of course those people don't see the need for a development team willing to take on such a huge task; they simply see Linux and think "Wow! We can have that too!"

What I think idrougge is saying in the case of Blitz is that, while some parts have seen extensive development due to open sourcing, there are also key parts (such as TED/PED) that haven't developed as far as he'd like. It's not about the direction, but the distance. TED still carried a lot of old baggage that most other editors have long since shed. Being unable to paste in foreign characters is one example I have recently encountered for example.
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