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I must have mixed the massive memory with the massive Cartridge size then. But actually when you look at it, its not even as muhc space as Amiga CDTV had with Cds.

But difference was the big support for the usage of that space by games that made them look massive then.


I disagree with you on developers pushing the 3D not audience. Ever since Wolfenstein people were wanting 3D, me included.

And actually even earlier. Since I had already played Elite, Stunt Car racer etc. and waiting with excitement what future would hold when games would be in 3D. And every glimpse to that 3D was always exciting. Also, if it was developers pushing for 3D, then why was there so great efforts made in trying to make 3D fps games to Amiga as well, even to A500?

I also dont ever remember hearing anyone switching to PC because of wanting to play 2D games. No. I remember only two reasons why people were voluntarily changing to PC, they wanted to play 3D games (most) and then there were some who wanted to play RPG/Strategy games, as PC was getting way ahead on that department too compared to Amiga with all the Master of Orions, Master of Magic, Heroes of might and magics... not to mention Dune II and all first came to PCs then to Amigas, and most of time Amiga versions werent as good as their PC counterparts. There are only very few exceptions to this rule, as example Civilization CD32 version in my opinion is best version of first Civilization, but that is understandable when considered it was the last one to come out, and much later than all the other versions did.

Then there was the involuntary group who changed to PCs because tof them being in their workplaces.

But regardless, In my opinion there was great demand for 3D games, and we were looking forward to every now step that was happening there, like the Ultima Underworld making 3D RPG (of course there had been Dungeon Masters, but those were semi 3D).

I however do agree with you that unfortunately they still have not got forward from baby stage, but 3d FPS is unfortunately still the most popular style, making modern game world much more duller place in my opinion.
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