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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
I think your find 3D was preferred from 1995 onwards after the Playstation and Saturn came out, otherwise the snes and megadrive would have stayed around until 2000!
The SNES was manufactured and sold up until 2003 in Japan and games were still being released as late as November of 2000. Most early playstation and saturn games were 2D, it was developers who were desperate to push us to 3D I can't remember anyone I knew demanding 3D games people just bought what there was to chose from.

It wasn't until Mario 64 showed every one how it was done that 3D became the norm. Then once Goldeneye came out that was it and the PC was getting hardware 3D accelerators around mid to end of '96 and then it did move over to the 3D FPS hell years we are still stuck in... dark days it has to be said.

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