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The major console makers can't be competed with in performance. I wouldn't try. I would go relatively low cost, flexible and offer more freedom.

My console is a Cherry Pi (slogan: Cherry is sweeter than Raspberry):
  • Price: ~€150 (case with Blu-Ray), ~€130 (case with DVD), ~€120 (case no CD), ~€90 (motherboard only)
  • Market segment: retro and semi-modern gaming
  • CPU: Enhanced 68k 32 bit 2-core superscalar with 3x integer units, 1x FPU and 1xSIMD per core
  • Custom hardware: Amiga Enhanced graphics with 3D core to be determined, FPGA
  • Memory: 1-2 GB DDR3 (shared by CPU and gfx)
  • Internal Design: CPU card with memory compatible with big box Amiga processor slot
  • Game Media: CD, USB memory stick or online download (all optional), multi-platform retro CD games recognized and started using an FPGA hardware configuration or emulation
  • Storage: SATA drive of choice or USB
  • OS: updated classic AmigaOS or AROS, full computer capabilities
  • Design: Small-ish PS2 like case (I also like the PS2 case)
  • Controller: System would accept most USB/Bluetooth controllers including other console's controllers. Controllers, keyboards and mice optional.
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