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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Very different times - 2D was still preferred by many gamers until 2000
I think your find 3D was preferred from 1995 onwards after the Playstation and Saturn came out, otherwise the snes and megadrive would have stayed around until 2000!

Originally Posted by Bugala View Post
Only thing that comes to my mind, and I doubt even that would succeed, but NeoGeo wasnt very powerful system, yet it went all the way to 2000, because they decided to add loads of memory to it. Hence it was able to do things that looked massive, even it was only, was it 68020 or 68030 based perhaps?

The Neo-Geo was a 2D powerhouse in 1990, plus they never added memory to it...the rom cartridges got bigger sure but the base system stayed the same and it never had carts that enhanced the system like the SNES.

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