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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Exactlly. Open source is just an opportunity, nothing more than that.
That's correct, but why do you mention BlitzBasic as an example? That one got some heavy development in the last decade and is still actively maintained. It might not have developed in the direction you or I preferred, but using it as an argument against open sourcing old code doesn't make any sense.

And nobody claimed freeing old software would be some kind of "silver bullet", so stating it isn't is kind of superfluous.

Btw.: continued development is only one of the goals you can achieve by freeing old code. Releasing the DPaint I sources wasn't really useful in the grand scheme of things, but I witnessed quite some people having fun studying it or even trying to compile it. And the code to phx's games obviously taught a bunch of other coders a few things about coding style, programming the hardware and solving timing problems, as can be witnessed in several threads on various forums.

So let's add "having fun" and "learning stuff" to the list of things open source makes possible.

But yeah, it doesn't heal cancer, so there.
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