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Speaking of radio comedy shows, there was one that was fairly short-lived that I would LOVE to find recordings of somewhere. Around 1974 or 1975, there was a radio show called "The National Lampoon Comedy Hour", which of course was only a half hour in length. The stars of the show were a bunch of writers from National Lampoon at a time when it was still funny who had yet to hit the big time. Of course within a few more years the names Belushi, Akroyd, Radner, Murray and the rest would be well known, but I think some of their absolutely funniest stuff was done on radio. There was one bit in particular from a Christmas show with Bill Murray as an evil department store Santa, and Gilda Radner as a sweet little girl sitting on his lap telling him what she wanted for Christmas that still leaves me in stitches even though I haven't heard it in over a quarter of a century. If you ever see anything from that show available anywhere, do yourself a favor and check it out. Better yet, do me a favor and tell me where you found it.

Oops! Methinks it possible that we may have strayed just a bit off topic, so in order to somewhat validate this, let me add that insofar as I can tell those shows are most likely still under copyright. I therefore suspect that the RIAA may be sending out notices soon to various webmasters to inform them that it has come to their attention that "0 of these files are available for download on your site".

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