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Unhappy bad news

maybe you saw last night's announcement, seems the project is doomed

Update: Important Message for the future of Rocket Ranger Reloaded

Posted by Cinemaware
For backers only

Dear Supporter of Rocket Ranger Reloaded,
sorry again for the longer time waiting. This was my fault(Sven here), i expected some reply sooner. Silence in a project that you invested in ist never a good option, but we really had to wait for some replies to make a decision. With you, so please read the mail to the end and fill out the Survey (just one question).
So again the important message first, your money is safe and we did not touch anything from the Kickstarter-Money we got from you. But there was also one thing and this is a major issue for us. We reached the goal but not far beyond our target. Also we did not get some bigger payments from backers from the higher levels. We lost about 30k on money that we did not get (Credit cards payment where refused). But we still had to pay Kickstarter and Amazon Fees.
In the last months we tried to get an Investor for RRR but right now it was not successfully. There is also another payment we have to pay at the end of the year and that are taxes. And that is where we have to make a decision with you, the baker, together. As you know and we think we proved it with "Wings - Remastered Edition" we want really try to transfer the feeling and experience from the past to today but for this we have to reach the complete goal. So now to the decision. We have two options. Option 1: We will still work on RRR but need more time. And this means really one or two years more. We really want to produce a game that everybody enjoys like "Wings - Remastered Edition".
But for this we also have to keep on other projects to get money for Cinemaware that we also can use for the production of Rocket Ranger Reloaded. First, we also want to try again to get some new investors and develop smaller projects that will help us developing RRR. But also we will finally lost some money on taxes, but also if its not 100% possible to delevop RRR we won´t touch your money. Option 2: We cancel this Project at Kickstarter and all of you will get your money back asap. So we can fully concetrate on other projects. Maybe Rocket Ranger Reloaded will be not dead, but very far away.
So here is a link to a survey that you can vote for. We will close the survey in 14 Days. Sorry again for the silence, we really want to make this game happen.

Greetings Sven from Cinemaware
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