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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
html 5 is already supported by an amiga os4 web browser ???
I haven't used OS4 browsers, but yeah, Odyssey on OS4 should be pretty much on par with MorphOS version in that regard, because it's an port from MorphOS version. Hmm.. although it seems that it's one version older, but still. In any case these Webkit based browsers we've had since the last decade have been really good with HTML5 and have even scored better on HTML5 tests than many mainstream browsers like Firefox etc.

And facebook is it completely useable with amiga os ???
I mean little games etc from facebook ???? Not that i'm a facebook fan but my wife is.
I haven't tried any games on FB, so I don't know if they've moved from Flash to HTML5 yet. But many HTML5 games elsewhere on web do work.

But the little I use FB for (posts, priv messages, videos) it's been working fine with Odyssey Web Browser on MorphOS.

And if you're not familiar with MorphOS (I wouldn't be surprised if you only follow this site, which should win a mis-information award regarding the NG systems), because you only talk about OS4 and AROS, MorphOS is one of these next generation Amiga systems and basically quite similar with OS4 with its basics. Both MorphOS and OS4 are binary compatible with old Amiga software in exactly the same way. Little differences with the new features though. OS4 tries to stick with plain oldish WB features, while MorphOS tries to bring more modern DOpus Magellanish features on the desktop. Both have roots on legacy software from Amiga times (AHI, RTG software, GUI toolkits, filesystems, printing, networking, same OS structure with AmigaOS, compatible with old libraries etc). I'd say that AROS is the most distant relative to the old AmigaOS, because it's not a binary compatible and many other parts are totally rewritten.

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