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Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
A system is useless without third party developer support and launching anything these days would pretty much be a waste of time for a new company, it just would not be successful due to the main three players having the market wrapped up and the cost of developing games would keep developers away since there would not be much money in it for them.
Well the situation is as it is, its tough to get a foot into the market, but if you make your hardware powerful enough, at least you don't make ports from other platforms a "mission from hell" for devs. And hardware used is well known for developers so there is no mystery custom CPU that will take 4 years to master.

Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
A 16 or 32bit system for a niche market would be nice, the problem is 16bit games had graphical charms for example, that just aren't compatible with the technology people expect in electronics these days like HD resolutions.

Someone should just license and manufacture existing hardware like the SNES if anyone was willing to write games of the calibre we were getting in the 90s. But there is the problem again, no big companies will make games for a niche market like that. The Dreamcast still does alright with some indy games but as a profit making machine for a company with thousands of employees it's a none starter.
You are probably right about nische markets, that's why my consol isnt one. It would at worst run all Android games (and at least technically - all "Tegra Zone" titles) at stellar framerates.
Best case scenario, it could play steam games (for Linux) and get the big ports from the other consoles + lots of interesting indie-stuff...
Of course, if a deal was struck with the right content provider, there's always the possibility of streaming games straight from the cloud. Obviously that is fairly exclusive to Sony atm (Playstation now service)

Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
The description of your take is basically a PC. They do everything you mentioned and can come in at the price as well if you don't expect the best of everything. Consoles have had their day, with each passing generation they are turning more and more into PC's just the OS is closed.

Give it 10 or 20 years and I think console hardware will be a thing of the past - Sony, Nintendo and MS will simply sell the operating systems for use on PC hardware.
Its a lot less PC that the XboxOne , which X86 based, running a crippled version of windows and runs games from Harddrive or Blueray.

"My proposed console" is using low power ARM based + nVidia GFX Tegra chips, it uses a minimalistic OS that doesn't get in your way and games run from (a modern incarnation of) cartridges that ppl will wanna collect while still offering plenty of power for VR gaming as well as providing a generous platform for indie devs AND it runs Android games :-)
It does not force you to use some crappy controller but allows you to use your favorite one from other systems.

Ok, back to reality... Ye, it currently seems nearly impossible to take a market share from the big 3. Lets face it, nVidia could produce something like this and still fail to make an impact...
I never actually said I would compete with the big 3.. what if this was the Nintendo NX.. (next console from Nintendo, expected in 2016/17). Would that turn things around for you?
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