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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
As others have eluded to hardware is secondary these days, it's all about the games. I will probably buy every console Nintendo ever make because they make my favourite games, simple as that. IMO graphics/sound etc have already peaked, if you compare NES to N64 the difference is mind blowing, if you compare PS2 to PS4 (roughly the same time period) little has changed.
First of all, the creators of PS4 game "The Order: 1886" would probably cry a bit for that statement about PS2 vs PS4 ;-) But, ye sure, going from 8 bit side scroilling gfx to 64 bit 3D is more noticable than going from 3d to better 3d.

But back to your original statement. Hardware doesnt matter, its all about the games? Well, why do you think Wii U isnt getting the big releases you see on XBone & PS4? Devs cant be bothered to spend time on making an inferior port for a lesser system. And if sales are anything to go by, Sony is doing something better than Nintendo even without Mario...
OTOH If the Wii U was equal to the PS4 in terms of power and had a similar architecture, then it would be easy to port all games to it. Then Nintendo would have most of the big titles + their own unique stuff.. So, I beg to differ... Hardware matters IMO...
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