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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
I agree with OlafSch about the FPGAs. If I could get a 200 MHz 060 clone for the price of a mid-range FPGA it would be a bargain.
It would be a bargain, a great technical toy, and fun to experiment with. But not an Amiga.
When the processor is so fast that it essentially uses only Denise as an outdated frame buffer what is the point of calling it an Amiga?

An Amiga is a carefully crafted set of finely matched custom chips and 68k processors, built by Commodore while they lasted (and the 1200 almost does not fit this definition ironically, nor the A4000). Anything else which modifies this balance would be better off just starting from scratch rather than carry the burden of emulating/replicating custom chips which are completely outmatched by the CPU.

I cannot see a market for this kind of hardware that would attract external people since they have much better modern toys to play with. I could be completely wrong and that would not be the first time but people who come to other retro machines (Genesis, SuperNES, etc.) see no interest in making them faster, they want the original experience made comfortable by proper network/storage/input expansions and that's it.

This said, I do agree that FPGAs are cool and I would not want to discourage anyone from building any Amiga-inspired stuff with them but from a software market point of view I fail to see how they do anything but fragment the market.
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