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Toni Wilen
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Beta 13:

- SCSI emulation INQUIRY command didn't clear old data in output buffer (b7)
- Do not abort uaehf.device RDB parsing if drive init or bad block list is set.
- A2386SX 16M+ memory size crash fix.
- Implemented previously empty QEMU byteswap function, fixes 16-bit Cirrus Logic VGA text mode.
- zlib and libpng (used by screenshot function) updated to latest versions.
- Added PC 3.5" HD 21 sectors/track format to PC floppy size autodetection list. (DMF format)
- Renamed GUI Flash RAM file title, it is also used for A2286/A2386SX CMOS RAM.
- Big Aranym JIT merge. 64-bit version JIT supported. Includes big 32-bit JIT changes. May cause breakage. (Frode) PPC support is not (yet) 64-bit compatible.

64-bit compatible JIT notes:

Use this thread: to report following JIT related issues:
- 32-bit JIT works but 64-bit JIT crashes/works differently etc.
- 32-bit JIT works differently than in previous beta. (=before JIT merge)

Do not use above thread for non-JIT issues.

- 2G of Amiga address space available (vs ~1G to ~1.5G in 32-bit version under 64-bit OS). Because JIT still requires Amiga address space inside first 4G of host process address space and Windows allocates few pages in the middle of first 4G, 2G is the current max. Technically this is not a problem because AmigaOS is not really designed to support RAM at 2G-4G of address space, programs may use signed pointers and some exec functions use address bit 31 for error state. (In theory 3G may be possible later if it is really needed)
- Use "UAE" RAM allocation mode (not "Real") if you want max available Z3 RAM (up to 1.5G. Z3 RAM + RTG VRAM + 256M must be less than or equal to 2G. Anything more = crash.
- 64-bit JIT FPU is not fully functional yet. Do not enable.
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