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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
If it happens to you, then it happens to everyone. That's how emulation works.

What Toni is saying is that the monitors and TVs that we used to plug into our Amigas back in the past couldn't show you all of the video frame that the Amiga could generate, as it was too big. You didn't see the corruption because it happened off the bottom of the monitor screen.

WinUAE can show you the entire screen.

True what you say, use WinUAE for a long time, practically since he was born, and I can assure you that until some time ago this was not the case.
After copying the entire system WinUAE (Entire Directory, HD,Roms, config etc..) of other body PC (laptop), suggests that the problem It lies precisely in that directory.


I add that WinUAE is more than perfect, I did a quick test with the system A400/0040 AfA 4.7, and I must say it's a show, i am attaching a small video (watch in HD quality)

[ Show youtube player ]

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