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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
If you want faster CPUs then the choice is between x64 and ARM (which is slowly but very steadily catching up), everything else is essentially dead or on its way to microprocessors heaven.

Amiga-s were fast in their time but their time is over, we should appreciate them for what they were, not what they could have been. I understand how technically thrilling FPGAs and stuff can be but these chimeras will never be Amiga-s, they can only be Amiga-inspired.

I think they cannot revive external interest for this wonderful machine, only internal pre-existing interest. And if there is ever a market again for Amiga games in my opinion it will be for the stock kittens because of their historical significance.
I do not agree regarding FPGA. They can at least come as near to amiga as possible, you can not only integrate components like processor but also whole upgraded chipsets and offer inexpensive access to modern features. And when you add them to a A500 or A600 (or any other model) you have both the feeling you are comforted to and modern features. It is the best option for a future for our platform. Of course it will not beat standard hardware but that is not necessary for our purposes. Regarding external interest I am not as pessimistic. Example is Raspberry, a pure fun platform. Of course it is cheaper than FPGA based solutions will be but it shows that there is interest for "toy" platforms even today.
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