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Only thing that comes to my mind, and I doubt even that would succeed, but NeoGeo wasnt very powerful system, yet it went all the way to 2000, because they decided to add loads of memory to it. Hence it was able to do things that looked massive, even it was only, was it 68020 or 68030 based perhaps?

When considering how cheap memory is nowadays, perhaps a game console that would be targeted for 2D games, but with 1Gb of memory available.

This way they processor could be cheap one too, since it wouldnt necessarily need the most powerful one to be able to run 2D games.

However, if no one makes games for it, it is useless, and if no one buys it, no one wants to make games. To get around this, would be to have integrated emulator inside it for every retro machine.

This way the retro group would buy the machine for emulator purposes, and hence there could be enough people to justify making specific games for it without using the emulator.

This could create some unique games. But I still dont quite see it breaking through. Just having a chance yet.
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