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The best joystick ever; the list to end all debate

I'm compiling a list of all magazine reviews of 8/16bit era joysticks and aggregating the scores to see which comes out on top... because, umm, this is my idea of fun?

Anyway I've found quite a few test/round-up articles in Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga and Commodore mags, but would welcome any suggestions to get a more accurate picture. As it is I could get some pretty skewed results if a particular joystick receives an accolade, but only from one source.

Here are the articles I've found so far...

Crash - Sticks in the Mud
ZZAP - ZZAPstick Joystick Reviews
CU Amiga - Sticky Moments
Amiga User International - Test Drive; Joysticks or Passionkillers?
The Games Machine - Centre Bytes joystick test
Amiga Power - Buyer's Guide: Joysticks
CU Amiga - Wiggle It
Amiga Power - Joystick Round-Ups
Atari ST Action - Mega-test; Tools of the Trade
Your Sinclair - Tidings of Comfort and Joysticks
Your Sinclair - Joystick Jamboree

It's a bit annoying that some of these don't include scores, only narratives so won't have any impact. Some of them I found via 'contents search' over at and others I stumbled across through re-reading the mags, which I imagine is the only sure-fire way of tracking them all down. I noticed AMR can be quite useful for pinning down reviews for specific models too.

Some unexpected results so far, though I'll keep that under wraps for now because I don't want to ruin the surprise. Try and contain your excitement for now, OK?

Edit: the Kickstarter proposal was a success - time and effort goals were met and the results are in!

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