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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This surely has nothing to do with 3.2 betas. And I still 100% sure it has nothing to do with emulation either.
I also suspected it was not a problem of emulation; I think the incompatibilities depends AfA_OS, i will make the investigations on network to find out if there are info about.

You are using impossible config that does not exist in real world. Invalid bug report. KS 1.x = 68030 max only. Anything else: not my problem (or anyone elses problem either)

EDIT: Also you are using far too complex configurations. Remove all useless stuff and only put them back one by one if problem also disappeared. I am not going to bother with your weird and complex configurations that have too many unknown variables and using config that no one has ever used (and never will).
You have so much reason, but attention, before posting my config I took the test also with configurations standard.

OS 1.3
CPU 68000
Ram 1M Chip, 1,5 MB Slow
Tested same system on another PC

Same result, error more obvious

N.B. For me this is not a problem, I just wanted to do reporting, which can also be not considered, anyway thanks for the help Toni

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