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For me, 1-9 I use for OS. (1-5 so far)
1 - Kickwork+, which is a kickstart+WB+IDE/CF driver all in one disk.
2 - Kickstart 1.3, plain kickstart.
3 - Kickwork, kickstart 1.3 and WB 1.3 one one disk
4 - WB 1.3, plain WB
5 - Empty, just a plain disk image I use for WB other stuff
Then I start my games at 10 in blocks by genre so:
10+ for platformers, 20+ for racing, 30+ for arcade, etc...

I also have a blank disk image I use for file transfer (PC to/from Amiga) in slot 99.

OK, just adding to this..
I have been installing a few games to my CF hard disk on my A1000 (1.3 based).
Most games use manual protection, but 2 so far have used the "insert disk" method.
So I thought I'd try making an ADF (using my Kryoflux) of the disks and see if that would work.
Not totally hopeful, but..

SimCity: When it asks for the disk, I select the ADF in my gotek and... GURU... ;-(
Lords of the Rising sun: When it asks for the disk, I select the ADF, and.. IT WORKS!!!!


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