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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
- AfA_OS with the CPU 6860 is always in Guru, attempt to start the system by disabling AfA (pressed Mouse Left in system startup) is CPU 6860 it works perfectly. I attach logos, configuration and screenshots before Guru.
This surely has nothing to do with 3.2 betas. And I still 100% sure it has nothing to do with emulation either.

- Problem colored lines, tested WinUAE beta 10, the problem shows up sometimes, and does so only with special intro, [ Show youtube player ] is the operating system that has the problem, lines do not appear in the video; attach new screenshot where there is a small line of CLI revived.
You are using impossible config that does not exist in real world. Invalid bug report. KS 1.x = 68030 max only. Anything else: not my problem (or anyone elses problem either)

EDIT: Also you are using far too complex configurations. Remove all useless stuff and only put them back one by one if problem also disappeared. I am not going to bother with your weird and complex configurations that have too many unknown variables and using config that no one has ever used (and never will).
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