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Originally Posted by ppcamiga1 View Post
It is simple. GCC is best c compiler available for Amiga.
There isn't even official GCC support for the Amiga! GCC is powerful but it is bloated, unwieldy and it uses a completely alien environment to the Amiga. It is a pseudo standard for porting software if bringing alien software to the Amiga with an alien compiler is a priority. GCC had code quality and bug issues from about 3.3 to 4.5 (except for the Intel CPU target) probably due to the difficulty of maintaining this behemoth. Clang/LLVM was likely developed because GCC had quality and maintenance issues.

Originally Posted by ppcamiga1 View Post
If 68k is to sloow for code compiled by gcc, 68k should be replaced by faster cpu.
Classic Amiga really need better procesor than 68k.
The 68k is not inherently slow. It just was not developed for a long time. Faster clocked PPC processors available at the time of the 68060 did not blow away the 68060. Instead, a 68060 ShapeShifter Amiga was the fastest Macintosh for some time after PPC came out while using significantly less memory. Today, a 68k FPGA CPU core in a relatively cheap FPGA can outperform a 68060.

Originally Posted by ppcamiga1 View Post
This procesor should be bigendian because all old software for amiga is bigendian,
PPC is of course ideal choice for classic Amiga, but other like mips, sparc are also welcome.
o big endian

I agree that it is easier and more compatible to stay with big endian but then you choose RISC for the Amiga which is more difficult and less compatible?

Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
No... why? PPC is as dead as 68k today.
I prefer to say that PPC is dying but not yet dead. MIPS and SPARC are in no better shape. ARMv8 (AArch64) processors are likely to replace PPC, MIPS and SPARC. Maybe ARMv8 can succeed where these other similar RISC processors have failed because the 4th try is the charm, or is it beating another dead horse?

Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
68k in FPGA has some geek factor and we will see what is possible when apollo becomes real. Whoever wanted PPC is already using it, for the rest starting with a dead CPU makes no sense at all.

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