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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I rather wait for Stedy's simpler project. Don't want any kind of accelerator, just RAM and IDE that actually fits in the original box more or less. Imagine the clusterfuck of space wasted by an ACA500 + ACA accelerator popping out the back of a CD32 (like the SX-1 module). I don't have space for that under my TV set where my CD32 is with the other consoles.
Yea, I'm waiting for that one too, if you only need RAM +IDE, its clearly the more appealing solutions...but IF it turns into vaporware, I'd like to have other options.
The ACA combo already exists, so while not the most elegant solution, whats missing is "only" the adapter.
The ACA1221 is actually a very small card. Not sure what the ACA500+ will look like, but the design of the adapter would ultimately decide how big this "package" would be.
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