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Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
I recently bought an iFusion CD. I've tried it on my A4000. I haven't gotten beyond a black screen. It is difficult software. Lots of threads on Amiga forums about it dating back years. At this point, I'm going to have to see if I can get a working configuration in emulation and copy it to my A4000. Not worth spending much more time on it on a real Amiga that I'm doing real art on. From what I've read, when you get it working, you get a really slow Mac from the 90s with no networking.
yes on the real amiga can be slow,but please note that ppc emulation in winuae is fast
in my core i5 3470 I calculated is 3x or 4x faster than a cyberstorm ppc 200mhz in warp up programs
so assume you will emulate a mac ppc at around 700mhz in winuae

add to this that mac emulation is much better than emulating AMiga OS 4 which is useless because the programs and games for that OS are very lame

on Mac OS 9 ppc there are good and exclusive programs and games,and the only alternative is sheepshaver
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