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Originally Posted by hitman72 View Post
hi, I have seen a lot of mist's benchs on youtube (sysinfo, aibb etc.) but no one (?) that plays with workbench config. I don't use a true amiga from at least 10 years and I would like to know if with mist for example a 640x512, 256 colors workbench is "usable"? or is it slow like on a real aga amiga? thank you and sorry for my poor english
Welcome to EAB. Both the Mist and FPGA Arcade should have better AGA performance than a real AGA Amiga. Chip memory is faster and the custom chips can be faster depending on the FPGA implementation and settings. The AGA implementation is very different between them so I would love to see some performance benchmarks of Mist AGA vs FPGA Arcade AGA vs AGA without fast memory vs AGA with fast memory using the same CPU and clock speed (probably based on stock 1200 with 68020@14MHz). Perhaps SysSpeed could be used for the tests?
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