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It should probably come as a surprise to no one that some old timers here consider smart phones as some fancy crap they dont need and stick to their call/text only phones from the 90s.

However, personally, even though Im a retro guy at heart with more old consoles in the house than most (full list would hurt your eyes ;-) I consider smartphones "computers you can also make phone calls with" not "phones with way too many features".
And I use it as such. (For example I post here from the phone a lot...)
I do about 80% of the stuff I used to do on the computer on the phone, because it works just as well and I dont have to be in a specific location to do it. Hard to imagine ppl would not prefer that, but hey..

The reason I use Android is due to a couple of things. First of all, in the early days iOS wasbso restrictive with how you could do things, it drove me insane. (Its better now that they've copied the sane stuff from windows and Android though). The other thing was probably the thing about rooting for the underdog. Apple quickly became a very lonely #1 it took the Android camp a couple of years to be as good, that struggle reminded me a bit of Amiga vs PC in the early 90s.
A third reason was probably when I saw the kind of ppl that became iPhone fanatics. I realized I would never become someone like that. ;-)
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