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Great Idea!
That is something I had hoped Amistore or Indiego Appstore to have fixed in future by you being able to search year by year basis all the Amiga PD releases. I was especially thinking of Indiego since it has this nice enough way to browse around and see pictures of games and have description.

But your website is similar to what I have been hoping for. The point being that all the pd games are easily foundable and you can get to see soem info and pictures about them, as well as have a download link, all in one easy spot. That way you can get some idea about the game and its quality and then decide whether you wish to check it out or not.

However, as a wish, in the end also add the possiblity to check year by year basis as well, since, even if you would add all PD games released just from 2000 on to today. It would already take some effort to go through alphabetic order and pick only year 2003 releases as example.
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