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Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
This will be an interesting gauge of the Amiga market. I wonder if 200+ copies is the most an Amiga game could sell now.
Well, its decent response, but it partly comes down to visibility.
I remember Daniel from Cherry Darling mentioning that he/they got next to nothing in return for their efforts. He also pointed out they kept supporting the platform for personal enjoyment, so his "return" comment was just a obervation.

Then, several months later, he did comment on quite good salesfigures on their latest game Wings - Battlefield.
Personally Ive enjoyed Cherry Darlings productions, so at this point I buy their games almost automatically/uncritically since I know the quality will be high.
When Daniel made the "little return" comment, I replied to him saying "you have good game(s), but very little visibility on the forums, so many people miss the news about a game being in production/released".

Daniels activity level on several forums seems to have increased quite a bit, and as I said; it culiminated with him being quite pleased with sales figures (good figures when it comes to indie games/amiga is all relative ofcourse).

Lastly; with several developments under his/their belt, Cherry Darling has established themselves as a trustworthy developer that you know will deliver. Wether or not the gameplay of a particular game is your cup of tea is all personal taste,but there is no doubt that they will deliver quality products.

So, in my mind, I think active Amiga developers needs to;

A) Be visible. I just noticed this game by chance when I started to frequent EAB. I read and for many years before I even knew of this forum. Im sure Im not the only one in that regard. So thats potential audience missed.
I know Amiga is a hobby, but there are many like me, in the 30-50 year range that still enjoy tinkering with their old hardware (or thru emulation), and by large got much more money in their pockets than in the early 90s.
So if a developer is "serious" about wanting to boost sales; sit down and think about which Amiga like forum are alive and active. Register and copy and paste semi frequent updates, or just answer questions.
If nothing else, just to remind people that the project is still alive and kicking.
Plus, it probarly wouldnt hurt getting visibility on mainstream games forums either. From time to time I have read or posted on random forums, and its suprising how many people that post there that still remembers the Amiga. They might be reachable thru emulator if they have thrown away their hardware.
A few weeks ago I went to a party where I knew only 1 person. The last thing I expected was to talk about Amiga games. After a few hours someone did mention retrogaming, even SOME of the girls pitched in. And 2 minutes later it turned out that several of the GUYs at the party had owned/loved Amiga. (granted; many of the people there are working in the IT industry, so the chance of this happening was disproportionally high compared to other parties )
Also; as a semi regular viewer; I often see retrogames being played with 1000s-10 000s of viewers. So there are a market for Amiga like games.

B) Be consistent. Again, I know its a hobby. But once you establish yourself as a person that will deliver, people will recognise you and be much more likely to support/buy from you next time.

C) Look into the possibility of cross platform. Cherry Darling have set up a developing system where they can compile for several platforms with "little" effort. Ofcourse I realise that Viddi havent done that, but just mentioning it since its a nice way of expaning audience/accessability.

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